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Less Cooking Fumes

Blanc Nano Ceramic allows the wok to heat up evenly and provides good heat retention, giving you a cooking process with less fumes, which cause respiratory illnesses when inhaled over extended periods. Blanc Nano Ceramic reduces this considerably.



PFOA can cause animals to suffer from liver, pancreatic and testicular cancers, just to name a few. PFOA is internationally recognized as a cancer-causing chemical. PTFE is a plastic chemical used to produce normal non-stick pans which allows them to have a complete non-stick surface. However, the safety of PTFE has always been a controversy due to its recommended maximum usable limit of 250°C.


Keep food nutrition, water and freshness

Blanc Nano Ceramic allows for fast cooking under low temperatures, greatly reducing the loss of food nutrition and water, preserving the foods natural flavours.


Blanc Nano Ceramic’s ivory white cooking surface allows foods and cooking oils to be seen clearly during cooking. There is no better way to keep food clean and dirt away.


Outstanding design, using white as the cookware base matched with different colours on exterior; placing it in the kitchen makes the cookware an exquisite decoration.


Greater Personality

Blanc Nano Ceramic will be releasing over hundreds of different coloured cookware available for online ordering, differing from traditional mass produced cookware, giving customers a wider range of choices and a more personalized product.

Fast Cooking, Saving Time

The far infrared released by Blanc Nano Ceramic penetrates into food effectively allowing food to be cooked faster. Stewing Beef Brisket or steaming Taro requires half of the normal cooking time when using Blanc Nano Ceramic cookware.


Easy Cleaning

Blanc Nano Ceramic is extremely smooth and fine, only warm water and a cotton cloth or a sponge is needed, the usual cleaning cloth and detergent can be used for more stubborn food residues.



As the Blanc Nano Ceramic surface is very smooth, it creates a good nonstick cooking surface requiring only a small amount of oil, it is therefore very convenient to use.

Low Carbon Cookware

Blanc Nano Ceramic is made with low temperature (<180°C) sintering, much lower than enamel, which needs to be made with 800°C high temperature or normal non-stick chemical coating, which requires 400°C high temperature.


Energy Saving

Blanc Nano Ceramic releases ‘far infrared (1)’, allowing the inside of foods to heat up quickly. This reduces normal cooking time by over 30% helping you save time and reducing the amount of electricity, gas or fossil fuels used for cooking. In addition, Blanc Nano Ceramic is easy to clean. General food residue is easily cleaned with small amounts of water or with a wet cloth.

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