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How to use white nano-ceramic kitchenware?
Rinse the pan with water before cooking for the first time, rinse thoroughly and wipe with a soft dishtowel. Pre-condition the cookware by coating a thin layer of cooking oil on the white ceramic surface, after coating for 5 - 6 hours, can start cooking.

We recommend using heat-resistant silicone, nylon or wooden utensils to avoid any damage from shoveling with sharp-edge metal utensils.

Avoid leaving the cookware on the stove after finishing cooking, as heat is still radiating which may result discoloration on the cookware surface.

How to maintain the white nano-ceramic kitchenware?
Rinse with tap water immediately after finishing cooking, without the need for the cookware to cool down. For those stubborn stains, rinse with hot water mixed with detergent, using cleaning sponge or cotton rag. Avoid scrubbing with coarse emery cloth or metal ball vigorously.

Maintain the kitchenware on a regular basis (around 1 to 3 months), pre-condition the cookware by applying a thin layer of cooking oil on the white ceramic surface, leaving alone for 5 to 6 hours before using it again. Also, avoid kitchenware to soak in water for long period of time.

Why the outer layer of the white nano-ceramic kitchenware is also made of nano-ceramic?
This is mainly for the ease of cleaning purpose. It keeps the kitchenware easy to clean, even when food juice splashes out and fall on the outer layer during cooking.

How does the far infrared application in the white nano-ceramic kitchenware?
The far infrared released by Blanc Nano Ceramic penetrates into food effectively allowing food to be cooked faster, reducing the loss of food nutrition and hydration, preserving the foods natural flavors. It reduces normal cooking time by over 30% helping you save time and reducing the amount of electricity, gas or fossil fuels used for cooking.

Is the white nano-ceramic kitchenware feasible for cooking all types of food?
White nano-ceramic cookware is an extremely stable substance, with acidic and alkaline proof, and would not derive any chemical reaction with other substances. Therefore users are assured to cook all types of food.

Why do we recommend using small to medium heat when using white nano-ceramic kitchenware?
Blanc Nano Ceramic allows the cookware to heat up evenly and provides good heat retention, giving you a cooking process with fewer fumes, which cause respiratory illnesses when inhaled over extended periods. Blanc Nano Ceramic reduces this considerably. Since using small to medium heat has already achieved the best cooking results.

Adjust the flame size close to the cookware base, with less than its diameter; the flame should be tuned below the edge of the cookware.

Always ensure to have food or fluid in the cookware during cooking, avoid cooking from dry ceramic cookware.

How to clean and remove stains?
The stains are formed for two reasons:

1. Persistently cooking under high level of flaming, causes stains un-removable. However, this does not affect the culinary result.

2. General food residue (residual food & grease build-up) can easily be cleaned by using sponge with hot water mixing with detergent.

Will the white nano-ceramic layer easy to fall off?
Generally speaking the white nano-ceramic layer is not easy to fall off, unless under improper use after a longer period of time. For example, scratching by sharp object such as metal ball.

What happened when the surface layer of the white nano-ceramic kitchenware is being scratched, would that affect any culinary result?
Please avoid in using sharp utensils, so as to prevent from continuous scratching on the ceramic layer. But minor scratches would only affect the appearance of the surface, and NOT affect the safety of the cooking and culinary result.

Will it be harmful to health once the surface layer of the white nano-ceramic shedding and compounding into the cooking food?
White nano-ceramic kitchenware coating is absolutely safe and non-toxic, since it is PTFE & PFOA Free. Any accidental ingestion will be egesting instinctively, without causing any harm. Moreover, taking proper steps when using the kitchenware, the nano-ceramic layer cannot be easily falling off.

PTFE & PFOA Free: PFOA can cause animals to suffer from liver, pancreatic and testicular cancers, just to name a few. PFOA is internationally recognized as a cancer-causing chemical. PTFE is a plastic chemical used to produce normal non-stick pans which allows them to have a complete non-stick surface. However, the safety of PTFE has always been a controversy due to its recommended maximum usable limit of 250°C.


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