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Stick to the surface Scratch the surface of "Nano-Ceramic" Discolouring
Stick to the surface
Unlike the traditional non-stick pan, little bit oil is necessary for the nano-ceramic cookware to be non-stick effectively. Being used for a long time, the surface becomes less slippery and less non-stick. To keep its non-stick ability, please refer the followings:
Don’t use a scouring pad to clean the Blanc nano ceramic cookware. Use of dishcloth or sponge with warm water is adequate for cleaning all white nano ceramic cookware.
Pre-condition the cookware by applying a small amount of cooking oil on the white nano-ceramic surface and then wipe off the excess with a paper towel once a month to every three months.
Don’t immense Blanc nano ceramic cookware in water for a long time.
The glass-like physical properties of White Nano-Ceramic layer of Blanc is similar to natural mineral. The improper use and overuse of White “nano-ceramic” cookware may cause the following problems:

Scratch the surface of "Nano-Ceramic"

Please notice that placing anything with sharp edges in Blanc cookware may damage the surface of "Nano-Ceramic".

Don’t put any cookware over the others or rigid utensils on the nano-ceramic surface.
Don’t use metal cooking shovel.
Don’t hit metal and sharp utensils with "Nano-Ceramic" surface.
Don’t use the sharp-edged steam shelf.
Use the rounded edged steam shelf.


It is normal and natural that the white color of the nano-ceramic surface will slightly darken and shows some yellow stains after being used for a long time. It doesn’t affect the quality and the safety condition of the Blanc cookware. Note: The traditional dark cookware also shows some yellow stains after being used for a long time but it is unhygienic that the stains being covered by its dark surface is not seen.
Don’t cook foods without using oil and water. The rise of temperature by overheating may discolour the nano-ceramic surface.
Immediate cleaning after cooking is preferred. Otherwise, it is immersed in water.
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